How To Get Rid Of Any Addiction?

How To Get Rid Of Any Addiction?

Bad habits always leads to a big health issue. Addictions such as smoking, alcohol consumptio, weed etc are dangerous and harmful for our health. In our country near around 1.58Cr children are addicted to these substances. This is the serious issue we are facing this day.

Many people try to quit their bad habits, but they can’t totally get rid of it. Here the main thing is to control our mind and not to control that addiction. Also there are many vegetables and fruits which lowers our craving for smoking or drinking. In this cucumber plays very important role.

How Cucumber is beneficial?

Cucumber is full of antioxidants, water and fibre. This helps to keep or skin and eyes healthy. It also helps us to maintain our weight. Seed of cucumber contains sulfur, which helps to lower down the cravings for bad habits. The antioxidant in it helps to keep our stomach clean. You can drink the water which contains seeds of cucumber or you can also eat seeds with salt for better results.

(Before doing any experiment consult your physician or doctor.)

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