‘How Search Works’, Google Launched a Video Series Explaining How SEO Works

'How Search Works', Google Launched a Video Series Explaining How SEO Works

Google has recently launched a video series titled ‘How Search Works’ to demystify the intricacies of search engine optimiztion (SEO).

What is “How Search Works”?

  • This educational video series features Google engineer Gary Illyes.
  • The goal is to explain search complexities in a way that is understandable for a broader audience.
  • The videos are available on Google’s Search Central YouTube channel¹.
  • The first episode serves as an introduction to the series.

Series Content
– “How Search Works” is a five-part series that delves into the technical aspects of Google’s Search functionality.
– It covers three core stages of Google Search:
1. Crawling: The process by which Google discovers URLs and explores the web.
2. Indexing: How Google understands a page’s content and context, storing it in a searchable format.
3. Serving: The method Google employs to serve and rank search results.

  • Future episodes will deepen into techniques for improving website visibility in search results.

Key Takeaways from Episode One

  • Payment and Ranking: Google does not accept payment for more frequent crawling or higher ranking. Anyone claiming otherwise is mistaken.
  • Quality Content: The quality of a website’s content plays a crucial role in achieving a favorable position in search results. Google’s definition of “quality” content will be explained in future episodes.

Unique Insights

  • While there may be some overlap with existing videos like “Search for Beginners,” the new series is expected to provide additional insights beyond what has already been covered.
  • By offering explanations directly from Google, the aim is to help website owners optimize their sites for better search rankings.

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