Ameen Sayani, the voice of Indian radio, passes away at 91

Ameen Sayani, the voice of Indian radio, passes away at 91

Ameen Sayani, the legendary radio host who enthralled millions of listeners with his show “Binaca Geet Mala”, died of a heart attack on Tuesday night. He was 91.

Sayani’s son, Rajil Sayani, confirmed the news of his father’s demise to He said that his father was taken to HN Reliance Hospital, Mumbai, where he breathed his last. Sayani’s funeral will take place on Thursday as the family is waiting for some relatives to reach Mumbai on Wednesday.

Sayani was born on December 21, 1932, in Mumbai, in a family of literary enthusiasts. His mother ran a newsletter called Rehbar and his brother was the eminent English broadcaster Hamid Sayani. Ameen Sayani started his career as an English broadcaster, but later switched to Hindi after independence, leaving an indelible mark on the radio industry.

The pinnacle of Sayani’s career was the creation of “Binaca Geet Mala”, a groundbreaking radio show that debuted in December 1952. The show featured chart-topping hits and became a cultural phenomenon across South Asia. With its immense success, “Binaca Geet Mala” enjoyed a remarkable run from 1952 to 1994, followed by revivals in the early 2000s. Sayani’s adept curation and presentation of the evolving musical landscape solidified his status as a radio maestro.

Sayani’s distinctive voice, coupled with his engaging style, captivated audiences for over six decades. His iconic greeting, “Behno aur Bhaiyo” (sisters and brothers), became synonymous with his persona, resonating deeply with listeners across generations. Beyond his role as a radio host, Sayani also acted in various films, often portraying announcer roles.

Despite battling age-related ailments, including high blood pressure and back pain, Sayani remained dedicated to his craft, leaving an unparalleled legacy in the world of radio and entertainment.

The world of entertainment mourns the loss of a beloved figure as Ameen Sayani, the iconic radio presenter, breathed his last at the age of 91. His contributions to the industry are unparalleled. His showmanship, coupled with his passion for music and storytelling, endeared him to millions, making him a household name in India and beyond. As the curtains fall on Ameen Sayani’s illustrious journey, his impact on radio broadcasting and his enduring legacy will continue to inspire and resonate with audiences for years to come.

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