The story behind Article 370: A film that evokes patriotism and empathy

The story behind Article 370: A film that evokes patriotism and empathy

Movie Review: Article 370 is a movie that sheds light on the political and historical aspects of the abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir in 2019. The movie stars Yami Gautam as Zooni Haksar, a Kashmiri Pandit field agent who is chosen by Rajeshwari Swaminathan (Priyamani), the joint secretary at the PMO, for a secret mission to end terrorism and conflict in the valley. The movie is directed by Aditya Suhas Jambhale and is inspired by real events, but also takes creative liberties in depicting the chain of events.

The movie has a slow and lengthy first half, where it sets up the premise and introduces the characters. The movie picks up pace in the second half, where it showcases the drama and action involved in the execution of the mission. The movie has some predictable twists and turns, but also some surprising revelations. The movie tries to balance the perspectives of different stakeholders in the issue, such as the politicians, the bureaucrats, the security forces, the militants, and the common people. The movie also touches upon the history and culture of Kashmir, and the plight of the Kashmiri Pandits.

The movie boasts of some impressive performances by the lead actors, especially Yami Gautam and Priyamani, who portray strong and determined women in power. Yami Gautam delivers a convincing performance as Zooni, who is driven by her love for her homeland and her sense of duty. Priyamani is equally impressive as Rajeshwari, who is the mastermind behind the mission and the one who takes the bold decisions. The supporting cast, such as Kiran Karmarkar, Arun Govil, Ashwini Koul, and Raj Arjun, also do justice to their roles.

The movie has some technical flaws, such as the editing, the background score, and the cinematography, which could have been better. The movie also has some factual errors and inconsistencies, which might irk the viewers who are well-versed with the issue. The movie also has some dialogues and scenes that might seem biased or propagandist to some viewers, depending on their political views.

Overall, Article 370 is a movie that attempts to tell an intriguing and important story of a historic event that changed the fate of a region and a nation. The movie has its strengths and weaknesses, but it is worth a watch for its performances and its message.

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