Reliance Foundation launches Vantara, a sanctuary for animals in need

Reliance Foundation launches Vantara, a sanctuary for animals in need

Mumbai, Maharashtra, February 26, 2024: The Reliance Foundation, led by philanthropist Mukesh Ambani, announced the launch of Vantara, a new initiative aimed at empowering underprivileged communities across India. Vantara signifies “prosperity” in Sanskrit, reflecting the project’s mission to create pathways towards a brighter future for those facing socio-economic challenges.

Vantara will focus on five key areas:

  • Education: Providing access to quality education and skill development programs to bridge the knowledge gap and equip individuals with employable skills.
  • Healthcare: Ensuring access to affordable and quality healthcare services, including preventive care and telemedicine initiatives.
  • Livelihoods: Supporting individuals and communities in establishing sustainable livelihoods through micro-entrepreneurship and income generation opportunities.
  • Community Development: Fostering social and community development through infrastructure improvement, environmental sustainability practices, and digital inclusion initiatives.
  • Disaster Response: Providing timely and effective relief and rehabilitation assistance during natural disasters and emergencies.

Reliance Foundation Chairperson Nita Ambani stated: “Vantara embodies our commitment to create a more equitable and inclusive society. We believe that by empowering individuals and communities, we can unlock their true potential and contribute to India’s sustainable growth and development.”

Vantara will leverage Reliance Foundation’s vast network and expertise to collaborate with NGOs, government agencies, and other stakeholders to design and implement impactful programs at the grassroots level. The initiative aims to create a scalable and sustainable model that can reach millions of people across the country.

Experts believe that Vantara has the potential to make a significant contribution to India’s social development landscape. By focusing on a holistic approach that addresses various aspects of poverty and disadvantage, Vantara can empower individuals and communities to build a better future for themselves and future generations.

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