After Hijab Ban Now Students Can’t Wear Jeans, T-shirts, Jerseys In Chembur Acharya-Marathe College

After Hijab Ban Now Students Can't Wear Jeans, T-shirts, Jerseys In Chembur Acharya-Marathe College

Mumbai: The Acharya-Marathe college in Mumbai’s Chembur area, which has been in the news due to the hijab ban, has taken another important decision. According to this decision, now college students will not be allowed to wear jeans, t-shirts and even jerseys. The college administration has imposed a new dress code banning jeans, t-shirts and jerseys. This new dress code implemented by the college administration after the hijab ban is likely to be a headache for students and parents. After that, the college administration has issued a special regulation regarding the dress code.

Hijab was banned in Acharya-Marathe College earlier. A petition was filed in the Bombay High Court against the hijab ban by the students of the same college. However, this petition was dismissed by the Bombay High Court. The rule imposed by the college violates our right to practice our religion, our right to privacy and our right to choose. It is arbitrary for the college to impose this rule. Also, these girls had said in the petition that this rule is unreasonable and wrong in terms of law. However, the High Court rejected this argument.

What exactly is said in the circular of Acharya College?

Students should not wear any attire that reveals religion or shows cultural heterogeneity. The circular said that the niqab, hijab, burkha, cap, badge etc. will be removed in the common room on the ground floor and only after that they will be able to move around the college campus. The circular also states that torn jeans, t-shirts, and jerseys will not be allowed in the college premises.

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